Saturday, November 15, 2014

2015 Calendar Scam


I have fondly and in jest, been calling this project my “Great Calendar Scam”.   I have no affiliation with any government or non-government organizations and neither do I belong to any clubs or charitable organizations. 

It just started with a very simple idea of making a compilation of my watercolor paintings in a calendar.  There was nothing romantic or heroic with the concept to begin with.  It was merely another way of selling my works in an art fair.

Some are moved by storm surge, others by an angel’s whisper.  I changed course after a conversation with a friend who has always rallied behind my art.   She said that she would sell the calendars a few hundred pesos more and will donate the extra profit to Yolanda. 

Then I saw the possibility to help and the window of opportunity to put my art to good use aside from it being my personal therapy kit.  That was how it started.  From the plan to donate Php300.00 for every calendar sold to donating the entire profit to Yolanda. 

The goal is to raise a million to build a classroom where children can learn and find joy in discovering their potential, so that they will not always feel sorry for themselves.  After all, education is very close to my heart and its art is my full time job.

I am on my 179th calendar.  There are 179 people with me in this.

We have neither name in politics nor fame in what we try to do but we know that if all of us nameless and fameless people gather, we are going to build a classroom in a place where the storm brought the sea to where it should not be and snatched lives and erased communities.  There is always hope and a chance to dream where children can learn and move on.

I am such an amateur in what I have embarked on lately but this I found out from the ordinarily godly people that I have encountered in this project:  Great wealth and riches come from the heart. 

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